About Us

We are a modest family farm located outside of Columbus North Carolina. Our family members include several horses and donkeys that are completely rotten. We have everything from drafts and mammoths, to miniatures of both. Each one serves a purpose and they are as different in personality and body build, as we are as people. 

Every horse is different

The differences in our horses can be so much fun, but it can also be problematic. It took a barn full of tack to meet the individual needs of our horses. With having such a variety of size and conformation in our herd, we have always wanted to find tack that could better accommodate multiple animals. DP Saddlery showed us that it is possible to have premium quality tack that could be used on multiple horses with simple adjustments. It inspired us to become a part of the DP Saddlery family.

We are here to help

We know that it takes time, research, and dedication to find the right saddle for you and your horse. So we are here to help.  As a DP Saddlery certified dealer, we offer one on one customer service to ensure you get the right tack for your needs.